I completed a two-year MA Photography (Visual Communication) with the Interactive Design Institute/University of Hertfordshire in 2016. My research project was about investigating and documenting the spatial relationship of body and landscape and how certain elements in landscapes affect the body in its orientation through spaces together with its traces, memories and performativity.

With the above in mind, I am interested in the momentum of movement/walking as an environmental behaviour and aesthetic; its juxtapositions of patterns and layers which give rise to the visual and temporal as a palimpsest of experience and the citing of in-between places and their concomitant encounters and perspectives.

Walking in urban and rural landscapes can be compared to peeling back layers of a life and its accumulated accounts of experiences and conversations. The land opens up the paths and tracks, pavements and streets which act as routes of creative instructions, desires, habitations and obligations.

As a lens-based artist and experimental writer/poet, I am interested in the possibilities offered by movement/walking in urban and rural landscapes and the reactions experienced as part of creative processes whether viewed as real or constructed narratives or as part of wider creative walking discourses.

I am currently engaged in the production of various photozines which can be seen to act as platforms for my creative practice: eyeglasszines.com


Julius Smit is a lens-based artist, poet, oral historian and a member of the Walking Artists Network – http://www.walkingartistsnetwork.org/

May 2018

Contact:  juliussmit3@gmail.com